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How to recycle wires and cables for cash?

Waste wires and cables is made of copper and plastic, to recycle wires and cables can get pure copper and plastic, which can be resold to get a lot of $$cash!

How many wires and cables around you? Probably a lot! Worldwide, it’s estimated that we will throw away 40 million tons of electronic waste each year, including the wires and cables we use to power our computers, charge our phones, connect machines in industries.

recycle wires and cables for cashWaste wires and cables

With so many waste wires and cables, we need to take proper steps to recycle wires and cables and reuse rather than just throw them away.

So how to recycle wire and cables to get pure copper and plastic? Mainly there are three main methods to process. First one is to recycle wires and cables by dry type copper wire recycling machine, second one is by fire burning, and third one is by chemical water washing.

Right now, fire burning and chemical water washing process has been out of market, because of the high energy consumption and secondary pollution.

We DOING company chooses dry type separation process, thus to avoid the pollution caused by the old type fire burning or water washing process. Also the dry type separation process can fully recycle wires and cables without any damage or corrosion. The normal copper wire recycling process is air separation, the recovery rate is no less than 98%. If there are small wires and cables which less than 2mm in diameter, then we also have electrostatic separator to separate thin copper from plastic.

copper wire recycling processCopper wire recycling machine

After separating plastic and copper apart from wires and cables. You can get pure copper and plastic. Then you can resell copper and plastic to market. In UK market, copper sells for $6 a kilogram.

So, don't worry about the recycling benefits to recycle wire and cables, you can certainly make a lot of cash. Welcome to contact us about the recycling proposal online or by email for further information.



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