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How to recycle blister packaging?

Blister packaging contains abundant aluminum, so to recycle blister packaging for separating the aluminum out has much actual value and also profitable. And the aluminum plastic separation machine could help to achieve it.

As we know, the contents are mainly aluminum and plastic in the blister packaging, so if we could separate the aluminum and plastic in it for further use, then the blister packaging is recycled.

Then how to recycle blister packaging by the aluminum plastic separation machine? Let me generally introduce it for you. The aluminum plastic separation machine is mainly involved with four procedures, which is crushing, grinding, rotatory vibrating screen and electrostatic separation. Crushing is to make the blister packaging into small pieces. Grinding is to make the blister packaging into very small size particles so that the aluminum and plastic could be totally separated from each other. And rotatory vibrating screen could collect the bigger particles and make them back to grinder again. Because the gravity of the aluminum and plastic is close, so it will need the electrostatic separator to use the electricalproperty to accurately separate the aluminum and plastic. After the whole process, the separating rate could be reaching to almost 100%, and you could recycle blister packaging sufficiently.

aluminum plastic separation machineAluminum plastic separation machine

The aluminum plastic separation machine is popular in different countries because of its some features and advantages like following:

1.The machine is totally physical separation, so there will be no pollution produced in the whole process. It’s environmental friendly machine.

2.The separating rate is high, so the aluminum and plastic separated are both very pure.

3.The machine is easy to install and operate, and the power consumption is low too.

4.The cost of the aluminum plastic separation machine is not high too.

As we can see the blister packaging is common in people’s life, and the final product recycled from it has a good market too. So if you have any interest on the aluminum plastic separation machine, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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