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DOING welcomes New Year's party successfully in Zhengzhou Future Hotel

On January 20, 2020, the New Year's Meeting of the DOING Company was successfully held in Zhengzhou Future Hotel.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, the annual meeting began. First of all, our boss Mr. Zheng gave a speech summarizing the company's work last year and put forward higher expectations and standards in 2019.

Then came the second item of the annual meeting, and the enthusiastic colleagues started to perform. First of all, four colleague from the factory brought a lion dance performance. The program was very exciting and the applause continued. The second program is dancing. You smile really well. This dance is designed to encourage everyone to smile more in work and life and to work and live happily every day.

Copper wire recycling machine 2020 annual meeting of DOING

There are also program lucky draw, cross talk, gesture dance, classical dance and wonderful singing. The passionate and passionate performance of the colleagues brought a shocking visual feast to colleagues, leaders and all employees.

In the program, there is also an annual raffle draw with cash red envelopes, exquisite gifts, flowers and watches. In addition, flowers and trophies were given to several colleagues who performed well in 2019.

The last program was President Zheng personally sending red envelopes to everyone at the end of the year. Everyone was very happy to get the red envelopes, and everyone had a happy smile on his face.

copper wire recycling machine DOING group photo of all staff

After the show, we went to the banquet room for dinner. It was not until ten o'clock in the evening that everyone reluctantly returned home.

This evening party has enriched the lives of employees, provided a larger stage for the employees, and at the same time closer the relationship between colleagues and leaders, enhanced employees' awareness and sense of belonging to the company, reflecting the reliability, value added, Pleasant corporate culture.

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