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Advantages of copper wire granulator machine and principle of sorting effect

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There are many kinds of e-waste in our daily life, copper cables are the most common one. Do you know there are 48 million ton e-waste every year, but just 20% been recycled. Copper wire granulator machine, also called copper wire recycling machine is the best solution to recycle waste copper cables.

Principle sorting effect of copper wire granulator machine:

Copper wire granulator machine is a machine that recycle and process copper cables, it adopts fully automatic and dry type physical method, which including crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. About principle of sorting effect, Air separator contains two parts, which are wind motor and vibration motor. As we all know, copper and plastic are two different materials with different density, so with the wind and vibration going and fixed angle of screen, the large density copper will comes out from one side and the plastic on the contrary will float on the copper granules and to the output. Then we can get pure copper and plastic from two different sides.

copper wire granulator machine Copper wire granulator machine

Advantage of copper wire granulator machine:

Comparing to old fashion way of recycling copper cables, which is water type copper wire recycling machine.The advantage of copper wire granulator machine is totally environmental friendly, there are no such thing as water pollution. Comparing to recycle copper cables by fire, copper wire granulator machine won’t bring any pollution to the air. So the advantages of copper wire granulator machine are pollution free and more high efficiency. In addition, copper wire granulator machine has advantages of integrated type design, small land occupy size, fully automatic PLC control, high dedusting efficiency.

copper wire granulator machine The use of separated copper and plastic

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