How are lithium EV batteries disposed of?

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According to statistics, the total waste of automotive lithium batteries in the world reached 96,850 tons. If a large number of scrapped lithium EV batteries can be effectively disposed of, it can not only recover valuable lithium, aluminum and other metals, but also reduce resource waste. DOING professional lithium battery recycling machine can deal with scrapped lithium EV batteries, with advanced mechanical crushing and screening of new processes.

lithium battery recycle machineLithium battery recycle

The structure of lithium EV batteries is more complex than ordinary batteries, and these components may even explode if they are not carefully removed. Different from the conventional ordinary battery recycling equipment, DOING lithium battery recycling machine has been upgraded. The key technology of our lithium battery recycling machine is to organically combine the special crushing and separating equipment for lithium EV batteries to maximize energy saving, safety and environmental protection.

lithium battery recycling machineLithium battery recycling machine

Lithium battery recycling machine working process:

First of all, the waste lithium battery is soaked in the liquor to short-circuit the battery to prevent explosion accidents. Then the discharged lithium battery is sent to the two-axis shredder. The fragments are broken down further. And then enter the carbonization process. By heating the battery fragments in an oxygen-free environment, organic matter is converted into carbon-like material. The pulverized lithium battery fragments enter the magnetic separator to separate the iron. Remaining particles are fed into separation device to separate out the copper, aluminum and black powder.

Lithium battery recycle machineLithium battery recycle machine working process

DOING lithium battery recycling machine working process is safe and the recover products are separated efficiently. In addition, it is equipped with pulse dust removal system, activated carbon system and UV photooxygen catalytic system to remove dust.

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