Why is it important to have an aluminum composite panel recycling?

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The wide application of waste aluminum plastic in construction, advertising, medicine and food packaging and interior decoration and other industries has resulted in millions of tons of waste aluminum composite panels every year. If aluminum composite panels are landfill or incinerated as ordinary garbage, it will not only cause a waste of resources, but also lead to soil and air pollution.

Therefore, the amount of waste aluminum and plastic industry is growing rapidly, and recycling should also keep up with the pace of development! So, what kind of waste aluminum composite panel recycling method is better? At present, the method with both economic and environmental benefits is to use aluminum plastic separation recycling machine.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineAluminum plastic separation recycling machine

Through crushing, grinding, screening and electrostatic separation, the aluminum and plastic in the waste aluminum composite panels can be separated, and the separation rate has reached 99%. In addition, the aluminum plastic separation recycling machine adopts a dry physical separation method, which is different from the traditional fire and chemical treatment way, not only will not destroy the quality of aluminum, but also more friendly to the environment.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineAluminum plastic separation recycling machine working process

After the separation of aluminum-plastic waste by aluminum-plastic separation equipment, the effective separation of aluminum and plastic is realized, and the reuse of resources is promoted. Recycled aluminum and plastic can be returned to the market, generating revenue for the business. The aluminum metal separated by the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment can be made into aluminum ingots for sale. Or you can use a ball mill to grind the aluminum powder into 200 mesh as the raw material of the aerated brick. The separated plastic can also be sold or made into other items. In general, through the aluminum plastic separation recycling machine can bring us no small economic benefits.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineProduct use

In short, recycling waste aluminum composite panels through aluminum plastic separation recycling machine can not only protect the environment, but also achieve economic benefits. With the continuous advancement of the construction of ecological civilization and the deepening of the concept of circular economy, the recycling and utilization of materials such as aluminum-plastic panels will be paid more and more attention.

aluminum plastic separation recycling machineAluminum plastic separation recycling machine

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