How do you dispose of waste lithium battery?

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Lithium batteries are considered hazardous waste, because they contain metals and other toxic or corrosive substances. But on the contrary, lithium battery have an excellent potential for recycled materials because of these metals. Therefore, all batteries must be disposed of safely and responsibly. Well, how to dispose of waste lithium battery?

1. Find recycling center:

lithium battery recycling centerBattery recycling center

Look for a facility that specializes in recycling batteries, especially lithium batteries. Many local recycling centers, electronics retailers, or waste management facilities offer battery recycling programs. You can also check with manufacturers or retailers of electronic devices, as they may accept batteries for recycling.

2. Store the batteries safely:

dispose of lithium batteryStore the battery safely

If you can't recycle them immediately, tape the terminals (the positive and negative ends) of the lithium battery with non-conductive tape (such as electrical or masking tape) to prevent short-circuiting, and store them in a cool, dry place away from flammable materials until you can dispose of them properly. Do not store them in areas where they may be punctured or damaged.

3. Recycle the precious metals:

Waste lithium battery usually contains lithium compounds, cobalt, nickel, copper, aluminum, manganese, graphite, etc. We can also recycle waste lithium battery to get the precious metals. Lithium battery recycling machine is designed for processing waste lithium battery to obtain the copper, aluminum and black mass.

Lithium battery recycling machineLithium battery recycling machine

Henan Doing's lithium battery recycling machine can process many kinds of waste lithium batteries, like soft package battery, cellphone battery, shell batter cylindrical battery, etc. Through discharge, disassembly, crushing and sorting, copper, aluminum and black mass can be separated with the separation rate of 98%.

DOING company as a lithium battery recycling machine manufacturer, we will provide the best service and good quality machine. If you are interested in lithium battery recycling machine, welcome to contact us feel free.

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