What are the benefits of recycling lithium ion batteries?

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Currently, consumer electronics and EVs add to the bulk of waste lithium-ion batteries, and by estimated, over 10 million metric tons of LIBs will be used by 2030. However, most lithium ion batteries end up in landfills, only 5% or fewer of used lithium-ion batteries are recycled today. It's because that only a few people know the benefits of recycling lithium ion batteries.

lithium ion battery recycling machineLithium ion battery

To create more awareness around the benefits of recycling lithium ion batteries, we’ve decided to give you some benefits of recycling your waste batteries. Read on to find out more.

1. Preventing pollution

Lithium ion batteries are made up of some heavy metals that can be hazardous to environment and human health, if they leak into soil as a result of being disposed of in landfill. However, if we recycle the lithium ion batteries as much as possible, then we can reduce the environmental pollution and harm to human health caused by lithium ion batteries.

2. Reducing risk of fire & explosion

lithium ion battery recycling machineFires caused by lithium ion batteries

When lithium ion batteries are damaged or exposed to high temperatures, they can explode, causing fires that are not easily extinguished. Recycling lithium ion batteries minimizes the risk of fire and explosion.

3. Recovering non-renewable materials

The heavy metals in lithium-ion batteries mainly include non-renewable raw materials such as lead, nickel, steel, zinc, mercury, cobalt, lithium and silver. Among them, the concentrations of manganese, lithium, along with nickel, and cobalt are high, which often exceeds the concentration of highly enriched ore. Scientific researchers have claimed that recycling lithium ion batteries can save 51.3% of natural resources.

lithium ion battery recycling machineNickel and cobalt in li-ion battery

If these metals can be recycled from the waste lithium ion batteries on a large scale, they can give the same benefits as natural ore, and help people reduce the dependency on these metals.

4. Reducing the cost of new lithium ion batteries

Following from the previous point, recycling the non-renewable metals and used them for new lithium ion batteries producing, which will helps to reduce production costs and ensures that competitively priced products are available for purchase.

5. Obtaining economic benefits

The metals in lithium ion batteries can be sold directly in the metal recycling market, and are relatively expensive, especially nickel and cobalt. Or we can make these metals into new batteries or other products and sell them. Both of these methods can bring considerable profit.

lithium battery recycling machineLithium battery recycling machine

Since recycling lithium ion batteries has so many benefits, how do we recycle lithium ion batteries? Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has lithium battery recycling machine can recycle the cobalt oxide lithium, graphite powder, copper, aluminum, etc. out from waste lithium ion batteries with 98% separating rate. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact us!

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