What is the future for a copper wire recycling business?

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More and more people are engaged in copper wire recycling business. If you want to get involved in this business, I have to say that you are a very discerning person. Because the future for the copper wire recycling business is bright. As for why I say this, read this article and you will find the answer.

1. Huge demand of copper

Due to fairly cheap to produce, strong, very conductive, and thermal resistant, copper has long been used widely in electronics circuitry, power generation, transmission, and electrical equipment, as well as various medical devices, which leads to the huge demand of copper. From 2010 to 2021, annual global production increased from 16 million metric tons to 21 million metric tons. Among them, most of the copper is from copper mining. However, copper mining supply will likely not keep up with the demand of copper in the years to come, since copper deposits are depleting at a rapid pace.

copper wire recycling machineDifferent types of copper wire

To meet demand, it is necessary to leverage alternate materials - recycled copper, since recycled copper retains its electrical conductivity, which can be reused. Compare to extracting copper from mines, copper recycling process consumes much less, and it is cheaper. Copper wires are the main resource of recycled copper. Every year, a large number of waste copper wires from household appliance , transportation, communication, medical, etc. are generated by the aging and replacement of wires. This results in the cheap price of copper wire.

2. Wide application of recycled products

copper wire recycling machineApplication of recycled products

From recycling waste copper wires, we can get copper and plastic. Using Doing cable wire recycling machine, we can get high purity and good quality copper and plastic. The recycled copper is an important source in the field of copper art production of various copper doors. In addition, the plastic recycled from waste copper wires are also useful, they can be used to make new wire skins with old refurbishment, and some can also be used as trash cans, shoe soles, etc. Because the products have wide range of uses, you don't need to worry about the sales issues at all.

3. High profit of recycled products

Due to their wide range of applications, recycled copper and plastic are also very expensive. Statistics show that copper prices reached an all-time high of $10,674 per tonne in March, 2022. In general, one set 500kg/h cable wire recycling machine can process 4T scrap copper wires per day, by processing, we can get 2.2T copper and 1.8T plastic. Due to the PLC control system, cable wire recycling machine has the advantages of high automation and simple operation.Therefore, only two workers should be employed to operate it. It means that we needn't spend too much labor costs. Different countries and regions have different prices. You can use the table we provide to calculate your profit based on local prices.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPrice Input costTotal cost
1Scrap car wires500kg/h * 8h = 4TUSD3355 / tonUSD13420USD13522
2Power consumption65Kw/H * 8H = 520KwHUSD0.1/ KWHUSD52
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Copper4T *55%= 2.2TUSD9422/ tonUSD20728.4USD 20953.4
2Plastic1.8TUSD125/ tonUSD225
Daily Profit = USD 20953.4– USD 13522 = USD 7431.4

Actually, except the above aspects, national supportive policies can also prove a bright future for copper wire recycling business. As far as I know, there is a supportive policy on the purchase of waste cables in India, which can reduce the recyclers' input cost of raw materials.

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