How to start the copper wire recycling business in 2023?

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Copper wire recycling business is one of the most welcomed recycling business in 2023. Well, how to start copper wire recycling business? Here, DOING Group will tell you the steps to start the copper wire recycling business.

1. Doing market research

copper wire recycling businessDifferent types of copper wires

Firstly, it's better to know the cost of cable wire scraps in both your local market and the international market. Different copper wires have different copper content contained in them. According to the universal algorithm of national standard: copper cable wire diameter*8.9*copper cable wire length for meters/1000, we can know that the copper content of cables for household appliances is 40% -70%, the car wires is 50% - 60%, and the miscellaneous wires is 30% - 35%. Due to the different copper content, all of them have different price.

Secondly, you'd better to learn about the price of separated copper. Copper is always welcomed, and has different selling price in different locals, which will directly influenced your business profits.

2. Establishing or renting a workshop

copper wire recycling businessWorkshop

To start the copper wire recycling business, you need a workshop. As for the scale of workshop, it depends on the capacity of copper wire recycling plant you want to set up. If you can collect 10 ton waste cable wires per day, you need a workshop with big space. But, if you can only collect 1 ton cable wire scraps, a workshop with small space is enough. You can choose to establish or rent a workshop according to your funding.

3. Learning about the local environmental standard

copper wire recycling businessEnvironmental standard

Besides, you need to learn about the local environmental standard before starting the copper wire recycling business. For example, whether the copper wire recycling business meets the local environmental protection standards, which relevant certificates should be obtained, and whether it can get government support, etc.

4. Applying for government loan

The next step to start the copper wire recycling business is applying for government loan (of course, ignore it if you have enough capital). Different countries offer different loan funds. In England, you can apply for a government-backed Start Up Loan of £500 to £25,000 to start or grow your copper wire recycling business. Unlike a business loan, this is an unsecured personal loan. You’ll need to pass a credit check. Besides, you can get free support and guidance to help write your business plan, and successful applicants get up to 12 months of free mentoring.

5. Finding copper wire recycling machine supplier

copper wire recycling businessCopper wire recycling machine

Copper wire recycling machine is the core for copper wire recycling business, and choosing a reliable supplier is the most important thing to buy a suitable copper wire recycling machine. In general, a machine manufacturer is more reliable than a supplier, because the machine manufacturers have their own factories to manufacture equipment, its quality can be guaranteed, and technical support can be provided. With a good quality copper wire recycling machine, you can make more profit.

Henan Doing Group, as a copper wire recycling machine manufacturer, can provide copper wire recycling machine with different processing capacities from 100kg/h to 2t/h. And our copper wire recycling machine adopts a totally environmental friendly way to recycle the copper wires, which can help you get copper of high quality and purity and get more profit. Hurry up to contact us to get more information.

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