What are advantages of copper wire recycling business in India?

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Copper wire recycling business is popular in the world, especially in India. So are you curious that what are advantages of copper wire recycling business in India? This article will tell you the reason.

Adequate and cheap raw materials

copper wire recycling machineVarious scrap wires

Since China completely restricted the import of foreign waste in January 2018, the waste of European and American countries has gone to Southeast Asian countries, especially India. India is currently the largest garbage recycling country. So the scrap copper wires, as the raw materials of copper wire recycling business, is adequate, and the price is very cheap.

Prosper selling market

The copper wires are usually made of copper and plastic. By recycling these copper wires, we will get copper and plastic in the end. The plastic can be granulated into other things. Or it can be remade into the sheath of the copper wire again. The price of plastic may be only about 150-330 USD/T. But, the price of copper is pretty high, which can reach about 11000 USD/T. The copper can be sold to the copper recycler directly, or it can be remade into the new copper wires. The prosper selling market is also one advantage of start copper wire recycling business in India.

High profit

In below, We provide a profit chart to help you analysis one day profit of copper cable wire recycling business. But this profit chart is reference only. Take 500kg/h copper wire recycling machine as example. Calculated based on eight hours of production per day, removing the principle material cost, labor and power consumption. After calculating, The total cost per day is $20126.86, and total income is $22540, so the profit per day is $2413.14.

Profit analysis
Copper wire recycling machine
Running cost / Day
Item Input Quantity Unit Price ($)  Input cost ($) Total cost($)
1 Scrap car wires 4 Ton 5000/ton 20000 20126.86
2 Power consumption 75Kw/H*8H=600KwH 0.14 84
3 Workers 2 workers 21.42/day 42.86
Item Output Quantity Price ($) Income($) Total income($)
1 Copper 4T*55%=2.2T 10000/T 22000 22540
2 Plastic 1.8T 300/T 540
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=22540-20126.86=2413.14  ($)

The above are the advantages of starting copper wire recycling business in India. If you have any plan to start copper wire recycling business in India or other places, just feel free to contact us Henan DOING Holdings Co., Ltd for more suggestions and machine details!

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