Why is it important to have an aluminum composite panel recycling program?

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Aluminum composite panel recycling is popular in recycling business nowadays. As the aluminum and plastic could be recycled from it, it takes big profit for people. That's why more and more people think it important to have an aluminum composite panel recycling program.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

As we know, with the development of society, the quantity of waste aluminum composite panels produced is increased every year. If it couldn't be recycled properly, it may cause a loss of resources, as there is aluminum contained in it. What's more, it may take pollution if not handled properly. So some people started to consider about recycling of the aluminum composite panels.

So wha's the advanced technology now to recycle the aluminum composite panel? It will be the aluminum plastic recycling machine, which is a totally environmental friendly and high efficiency machine. DOING is a manufacturer specialising in aluminum plastic recycling machine. DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine is exported to various countries, such as Australia, Egypt, Korea and other countries.

aluminum plastic recycling machineProject delivery

For the aluminum plastic recycling machine, it's through crushing, grinding, electrostatic separation process, finally the aluminum and plastic will be separated automatically from the aluminum composite panels. DOING aluminum plastic recycling machine mainly has such several features which are preferred by many people:

1.Physical and dry type separation, no pollution. This method of separation can meet the needs of green economic development.

2.Fully automatically working, few labors required and high efficiency.

3.Equipped with dust collector system, keep the working condition clean.

4.High separation rate of 99%, pure aluminum and plastic for good selling market.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAdvantages of aluminum plastic recycling machine

So after separation, the aluminum could be sold in market directly for profit. For the plastic, as it's pure enough after separating, so can be used for making various of plastic products, which also has a good selling market. As the price of raw materials varies from region to region, there will be differences in the final profit. Here is a profit analysis table that you can use to estimate the final profit.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPrice($)Input cost($)Total cost($)
1Waste aluminum plastic composite materials 300kg/h*8h=2.4T357.14857.14952.57
2Power consumption46Kw/H*8H=368KwH0.14/KwH52.57
3Workers2 workers21.42/Day42.86
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPrice($)Income($)Total income($)
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=2070.86-952.57=1118.29($)

That's why more and more people think it important to have an aluminum composite panel recycling program here, it not only could make the waste resources recycled again, but also can take profit for them in the recycling process.

With the above, we can know that we can make a good profit in the aluminum composite panel recycling program. So if you have interest in this area too, welcome to contact our DOING Company for more information of this industry and aluminum plastic recycling machine! DOING Company have professional sellers and engineers who can provide you with a good service.

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