How to start copper wire recycling business in India?

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Copper recycling business is a profitable business, because the copper in scrap copper wires are not only high in content, but also the price of copper is high. So many people want to start copper wire recycling business to get more profit. But how to start? In this article, I will guide you to realize it step by step.

1, Learn about the prospects of the business.

copper cable wire recycling machineThe trending of copper price

The first step is that we should learn about the prospects of the business. If this business has no prospects, there is no sense of starting the copper wire recycling business. But we can see that the price of copper has increased 40% in the world compared to 2020. Besides, the copper product in India is in the status of supply less than demand. So the demanding of copper is keep increasing. Therefore, the prospects of copper cable wire recycling business is anticipated. Well we can start the copper wire recycling business.

2, Obtain enough raw materials.

copper cable wire recycling machineVarious raw materials of copper cable wire recycling machine

Since China completely restricted the import of foreign waste in January 2018, the waste of European and American countries has gone to Southeast Asian countries, especially India. Although in March 2019, India also issued regulations banning the import of some foreign waste. But the amount of garbage is still large. India is currently the largest garbage recycling country. So the scrap copper wires, as the raw materials of copper wire recycling business, is adequate, and the price is very cheap.

3, Choose suitable machine.

copper cable wire recycling machineCopper cable wire recycling machine

Since it is impossible to process so large amount of scrap wires by labor force, we need choose a suitable machine to process them. Copper wire recycling machine is that suitable machine. It can process scrap wires through shredding, crushing and separation, then you will get copper and plastic. The working efficiency is high. What's more, it usually equipped with an electrostatic separator. The electrostatic separator will separate copper and plastic with the high purity of 99%. So if we choose this copper wire recycling machine with high working efficiency and high separation rate, we will get high profit.

Hoping this article can help you to start copper wire recycling business. More information about copper wire recycling business, welcome to contact us feel free.

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