3D working video of Henan Doing's radiator recycling machine

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This video shows a working process of Henan Doing's radiator recycling machine, which is a recycling machine with 99% separation rate, environmental friendly, easy to operate and high working efficiency.

From the video, we can learn about radiator recycling machine is easy to operate, which only needs one worker to operate due to the PLC control system. Just put the waste radiators into radiator recycling machine, we will get high purity of copper, aluminum and iron. The separation rate can reach to 99%.

radiator recycling machineWorking process of radiator recycling machine

Besides, the working efficiency of radiator recycling machine is pretty fast, just within a few minutes, the copper, aluminum and iron will be separated through shredding, crushing, negative-pressure baffling separation and air separation. The whole working process uses no water, no fire or chemical solvent, which has no damage to the final products and no pollution to environment.

radiator recycling machineRadiator recycling machine

Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of radiator recycling machinery. Besides, we also produce cable wire recycling machine, PCB recycling machine, aluminum plastic recycling machine, battery recycling machine, etc. If you want to separate the copper and aluminum from waste radiators, and need radiator recycling machine, welcome to contact us feel free.

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