How to recycle waste aluminum and copper to make high profits?

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With the rising price of copper and aluminum, more and more people are focusing on the project of recycling waste aluminum and copper from various waste radiators. If you want to make high profits by recycling waste aluminum and copper, then Henan Doing company's radiator stripping machine and radiator crushing and separating machine are your indispensable business partners.

The radiator stripping machine is specially designed for customers dealing with flat radiators with low investment cost. The radiator stripping machine is easy to operate like the following videos shows, and you just need to cut the iron of the flat radiators with radiator cutting machine first and then radiator wire stripping machine can completely strip the copper tube of flat waste radiator and keep the aluminum foil in a block shape, which have high selling price in the market. The radiator stripping machine has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, high safety, and fast payback cycle.

radiator stripping machineRadiator stripping machine

The radiator crushing and separating machine can handle all kinds of air conditioner radiators, automobile copper and aluminum water tanks, etc. It mainly separates and recycles aluminum, copper and iron through the four processes: shredding, crushing, air separation and magnetic separation, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

radiator crushing and separating machineRadiator crushing and separating machine

The whole production line is equipped with PLC automatic control system, which has a high degree of automation and large processing capacity. In addition, the metal recovery rate of Doing Company's radiator crushing and separating machine is as high as 99%. The separated copper and aluminum products are of high purity and good quality, and can be directly sold in the market to help customers obtain high profits.

Then how much profits can we make from waste aluminum and copper recycling business? Here Doing Company has specially made the following profit analysis of waste aluminum and copper recycling business for your reference based on the feedback from customers.

Running  cost / Day     
Item Input Quantity Price($) Input cost($) Total cost($)
1 Waste radiators 500kg/h*8h=4T 3285.71/T 13142.86 13256.57
2 Power consumption 62Kw/H*8H=496KwH 0.14Kw/H 70.86
3 Workers 2 workers 21.42/Day 42.86
Income / Day
Item Output Quantity Price($) Income($) Total income($)
1 Copper 4T*55%=2.2T 5857.14/T 12885.71 15585.71
2 Aluminum 4T*45%=1.8T 1500/T 2700
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=15585.71-13256.57=2329.14($)

Reading this, are you also attracted to the waste aluminum and copper recycling business? If you have investment ideas, please contact Henan Doing Company. Our project manager and engineer team can not only provide you with professional suggestions and solutions, but also customize the most suitable waste aluminum and copper recycling machine for you at the factory price!

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