What is a charcoal making machine and how does it work?

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Charcoal making machine, also known as a biomass pyrolysis plant or carbonization furnace, is a equipment that converts organic materials (such as wood, coconut shells, bamboo, sawdust, agricultural waste, and even municipal solid waste) into charcoal through a process called pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis is heating raw materials under oxygen-free conditions to decompose them into various products such as charcoal, tar and waste gas. Unlike other carbonization furnaces, DOING charcoal making machine is a continuous carbonization furnace that can use a variety of biomass materials as raw materials to produce charcoal, wood vinegar, tar and waste gas.

Charcoal making machineCharcoal making machine

The following is a brief introduction to its working process.

1.Preparation of Raw Materials: The first step involves collecting and processing the raw materials. In order to improve the quality of the final product and process efficiency, the charcoal making machine has certain restrictions on raw materials. The larger pieces of raw materials may need to be crushed or shredded to smaller sizes for efficient carbonization.

2. Feeding System: The prepared raw materials are then fed into the carbonization chamber of the  charcoal making machine. This can be done manually or automatically, depending on capacity and customized needs.

3.Dryer:The dryer is used to reduce the moisture in the raw materials. Moisture refers to the water content of the raw materials. If the moisture is high, carbonization will not be complete and the quality of the final product will be poor. If the moisture is low, it will cause excessive carbonization, which will affect the quality of the final product. Therefore, the drying temperature and time vary depending on the raw materials.

Dryer of charcoal making machineDryer of charcoal making machine

4.Pyrolysis: After drying, the material enters the pyrolysis chamber, where the material decomposes under high temperature and oxygen-deficient conditions to produce charcoal, combustible gases and other by-products. This stage is the core of the continuous carbonization furnace, and its characteristics are the ability to control temperature and duration to promote the effective decomposition of different components.

Pyrolysis chamber of charcoal making machinePyrolysis chamber of charcoal making machine

5.Heat Source: The heat required for the pyrolysis process can be generated indifferent ways, including using an external fuel source (such as LPG, natural gas or electricity), or recovering and utilizing the combustible gases produced during the pyrolysis process as energy and re-introducing them into the carbonization process, thereby reducing the need for external energy.

6.Cooling System: At the end of the process, the water cooling system helps to reduce the temperature of the final product. The cooling water flowing in the shell takes away the heat of the discharged carbon. Finally, the final product completes the entire conveying and cooling process through the outlet.

In addition, DOING charcoal making machine adopts an advanced PLC control system, which can fully automatically control and monitor the entire process. At the same time, by adopting a continuous production mode, it effectively reduces energy consumption and production cycles, thereby improving production efficiency. This not only ensures the stability of the production process and product quality, but also significantly reduces the workload of manual operations.

Overall, DOING charcoal making machine provides an efficient and environmentally friendly method of converting organic waste into charcoal. If you are interested and wish to acquire more information, please reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing you with our finest support.

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