How to recycle and reuse scrapped photovoltaic panels?

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With the continuous advancement of photovoltaic technology and the widespread installation and use of photovoltaic panels, the number of discarded photovoltaic panels is increasing significantly. As an indispensable link in the photovoltaic industry chain, the proper treatment and recycling of discarded photovoltaic panels not only faces growing market demand, but also becomes a challenge that needs to be addressed urgently.

Therefore, how to effectively handle these scrapped photovoltaic panels and realize resource reuse has become an urgent problem to be solved. The emergence of photovoltaic panel recycling machine provides us with a practical solution.

Photovoltaic panel recycling machinePhotovoltaic panel recycling machine

The main components of photovoltaic panels are aluminum frames, tempered glass, battery cells, EVA packaging materials and back panels, all of which (up to 95%) can in principle be successfully recycled. According to the structural characteristics of photovoltaic panels, DOING company has developed a solar photovoltaic panel recycling machine that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has high sorting efficiency, and is easy to process on a large scale. Through disassembly, crushing, and sorting, valuable materials such as copper, silicon, aluminum, glass can be extracted.

The recycling process of photovoltaic panel recycling machine is divided into three steps: first, the back panel, wires, and aluminum frames are removed by machine or manually; second, the entire assembly is crushed with a crusher to remove the tempered glass; third, the remaining panels are crushed and ground to separate the metal and silicon.

The detailed technology and equipment involved in solar panel recycling machine.

1. Aluminum frame removal machine: The aluminum frame removal machine adopts PLC interface control and automatic sensing system, which can automatically remove the frames of photovoltaic panels of different sizes. After the aluminum frame is removed, it can be sold directly, with a market price of about US$2,347.4 per ton. The size of the photovoltaic panels processed by the aluminum frame removal machine is 80cm-1.5m in width and 1.1m-2.5m in length, so it can be applied to all photovoltaic panels currently on the market.

Aluminum frame removal machineAluminum frame removal machine

2. Glass removal machine: Glass removal machine adopts a fully automated system that can automatically load and unload panels and remove more than 95% of the glass on photovoltaic panels. The obtained glass is mostly glass particles, not powder (which is cheaper in the market). The market price is about US$179.5-193.3 per ton. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with dust removal equipment. There is no dust or pollution during the operation, and the treated photovoltaic panels are easy to further process.

Glass removal machineGlass removal machine

3. Multiple crushing and sorting machine: This stage uses advanced mechanical shredding, crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen, air separation, electrostatic separation and other technologies, which can accurately separate various components in photovoltaic panels and improve resource utilization.

In addition to the above equipment, material handling is an integral part of the entire recycling process. Conveyors, bucket elevators and other equipment efficiently transport materials to ensure the smooth operation of the production line. These advanced material handling equipment improves production efficiency, reduces labor costs, and ensures the safety of the recycling process.

As an important tool to promote the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic panel recycling machine has broad application prospects and great development potential. DOING Company is a professional manufacturer of waste recycling machinery and can provide you with suitable solutions according to your requirements. Please contact us for more information and free quotes.

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