What is the working process of making charcoal from straw?

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Making charcoal from straw follows a process known as pyrolysis, which involves heating the material in the absence of oxygen to drive off volatile compounds and leave behind a carbon-rich product. Charcoal carbonization machine is a specialized machine used to convert straw into charcoal through a process called carbonization. Regarding the working process of making charcoal from straw, I will take Doing’s charcoal carbonization machine as an example to introduce you to the process in detail.

1. Collection:

Start by collecting dry straw. It's essential that the straw is as dry as possible to maximize the efficiency of the process and the quality of the final product. These straws need to be crushed to a few centimeters to ensure proper size for the carbonization process.

Raw materials and productsRaw materials and products

2. Feeding:

The pre-treated straw is then fed into the charcoal carbonization machine. The feeding system is designed to ensure a steady and uniform supply of straw into the dryer.

3. Drying:

The processed straw is fed into the dryer part of charcoal carbonization machine. The chamber is heated using a heat source such as natural gas or biomass. At this stage, the raw materials are heated to a certain temperature to remove moisture and prepare for the subsequent carbonization process. This is crucial because moisture can interfere with the carbonization process and reduce the quality of the charcoal produced.

4. Raw materials and products:

After drying, the straw undergoes pyrolysis. The carbonization chamber is sealed to prevent oxygen from entering and create an oxygen-free environment. The carbonization chamber is sealed to prevent oxygen from entering and create an oxygen-free environment. The carbonization chamber temperature usually reaches about 300-600 degrees Celsius (572°F to 1112°F), and the solid portion eventually forming charcoal. During this process, some parameters such as temperature and carbonization speed need to be paid attention to and controlled to ensure the quality of the charcoal product.

Charcoal carbonization machineCharcoal carbonization machine

5. Exhaust gas treatment:

Additionally, flammable gases are produced during this process, which can be collected for subsequent heating or other purposes. The volatile gases released during pyrolysis are not wasted but used in the carbonization process. These gases, such as methane, ethane, and carbon monoxide, are flammable and can be used as fuel sources. DOING's continuous charcoal carbonization machine is designed to capture these gases, which are then used to sustain the carbonization process.

6. Cooling:

The charcoal is then cooled down using a cooling system. The cooling system typically utilizes water or air to rapidly cool the charcoal. Once cooled, the charcoal is collected and discharged from the charcoal carbonization machine.

7. Dust removal:

Dust removal: During the carbonization process, dust and other particles may be generated. To ensure environmental compliance and produce high-quality charcoal. DOING’s charcoal carbonization machine is equipped with a dust removal system and desulfurization tower to filter out dust and other impurities.

Desulfurization towerDesulfurization tower

DOING charcoal carbonization machine becomes an efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for converting straw into charcoal, providing sustainable and renewable energy. If you are interested in charcoal carbonization machine and would like to know more details. Please contact us and we will do our best to support you!

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