What do recyclers do with aluminum copper radiator?

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Have you ever thought about what recyclers do with aluminium copper radiators? Aluminum copper radiator is a kind of waste comes from air conditioner radiator and car water tanks. Some of recyclers will collect waste aluminum copper radiators from home appliances dismantling plant with low price, and then sell them to large recycle station with higher price, in order to get the profit.

waste radiators recycling machineWaste aluminum copper radiators

But there are also a considerable number of recyclers who choose to recycle aluminium copper radiators with their own, as aluminum copper radiator can be recycled to get metals aluminum, copper and iron. Waste aluminum copper radiators contains about 55% copper, 45% aluminum and 5% iron. If the recyclers themselves used waste radiators recycling machine to recover the metal from the used aluminum copper radiator, they would make a higher profit.

Perhaps you may ask which machine the recycler uses to do with aluminium copper radiator? DOING has two kinds of waste radiators recycling machine, suitable for processing different kinds of waste radiators.

small waste radiators recycling machineSmall waste radiators recycling machine

The first machine is small waste radiators recycling machine. It is specially designed for processing flat air conditioner radiators, which can separate both single and double layer air conditioner radiators with the space size of copper tubes of 19mm, 21mm and 25mm. If your waste radiators are many layers, there is a radiator cutting machine as an auxiliary device.

large waste radiators recycling machineLarge waste radiators recycling machine

The another machine is large waste radiators recycling machine. Compared to small waste radiators recycling machine, large waste radiators recycling machine not only processes a large capacity and a wide range of raw materials, but also is easier and less time-consuming to operate. If you have all kinds of waste radiators to deal with, DOING’s large waste radiators recycling machine is a good choice.

If you are interested with these waste radiators recycling machine, please contact DOING. Our sales supply best service for you.

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