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What are the benefits of scrap radiator recycling?

Date:Jun 16, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

In the past, people usually throw away the waste radiators directly. But now, more and more people start to recycle them by radiator recycling machine. What cause this change? It is all because that people has known that they can get benefits from scrap radiator recycling. So what are the benefits? I will make a explain in this article.

1, Resource benefit

radiator recycling machineImportant metal resource

As we know, copper is one important metal resource. The demand of copper in the world is huge. The copper is in short supply in the world now. But a radiator is usually made of copper, aluminum and iron. If we can get copper out of radiator by radiator recycling machine, the current situation of copper can be slightly improved. So recycling scrap radiator is an important way to increase the amount of copper.

2, Economic benefit

radiator recycling machineEconimic benefit of copper and aluminum

The second benefit is that scrap radiator recycling can bring economic benefit to us. The radiator is usually made of copper, aluminum and a little iron metals. We can sell the copper and aluminum directly after separating them. Because their price is high. The price of aluminum is about 2415 USD now. Not to mention the price of copper. Its price is higher than aluminum, which can reach to about 9918 USD. So if we can recycle scrap radiators by radiator recycling machine, we will get copper and aluminum with the high purity of 99%, so the profit we get is pretty high.

3, Environmental benefit

radiator recycling machineDry type radiator recycling machine

As we all know, e waste, includes scrap radiators, will have bad effect on the environment. But radiator recycling machine can recycle scrap radiators 100%, which will not cause resource waste. What's more, it adopts dry type physical separation. The whole process is shredding, crushing, negative pressure baffling and air separation, which will generate no fire, no water and no chemicals. It is a totally environmentally friendly machine.

These are the benefits of scrap radiator recycling. If you have any other questions about benefit of scrap radiator recycling, welcome to contact us - Henan Doing Holdings Co., Ltd.

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