How to recycle tablet/medicine blister packs?

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Tablet/medicine blister packs are very common to see in life, and they can be recycled into aluminum and plastic, which can bring considerable profit to us. Aluminum plastic recycling machine is a new advanced technology to recycle tablet/medicine blister packs.

Aluminum plastic recycling machine is specially designed for separating aluminum from plastic of waste tablet/medicine blister packs. Meanwhile, it can also process aluminum composite panels, aluminum foil, aluminum-plastic shavings, etc.

aluminum plastic recycling machineAluminum plastic recycling machine

As for recycling tablet/medicine blister packs, aluminum plastic recycling machine can separate aluminum from plastic just through crushing, grinding, sieving and electrostatic separation.

1. Crushing process will preliminary crush the tablet/medicine blister packs into small pieces.

2. Grinding process will further processed the aluminum and plastic into powder.

3. Sieving process will control the size of powder to assure the small pieces into powder completely.

4. Electrostatic separation process will separate aluminum from plastic according to their different conductivity.

5. Dust removal process will collect the dust by pulse dust removal and cyclone dust removal system.

Compared to the old ways of burning or chemical processing to recycle tablet/medicine blister packs, aluminum plastic recycling machine has many advantages:

aluminum plastic recycling machineAdvantages of aluminum plastic recycling machine

1. High separation rate - Electrostatic separation can separate aluminum from plastic with the 99% separation rate.

2. High degree of automation - Just need 1-2 persons to operate this machine, labor force need is few.

3. Environment friendly - Dry type physical separation method won't produce any pollution to environment.

4. High payback - The separation rate of the aluminum plastic recycling machine is high, could reach about 99%, so after recycling, the aluminum and plastic separated from the tablet/medicine blister packs are both very pure, which have very good selling market and profit in this business.

If you have interest in this aluminum plastic recycling business, and want to buy one set aluminum plastic recycling machine, welcome to contact our DOING company directly!

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