What are advantages of DOING e-waste PCB board recycling machine?

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If you want to buy a set of e-waste PCB board recycling machine, you had better focus on the machine quality except for machine price. To buy a set of high quality e-waste PCB board recycling machine not only can ensure high separation rate, but also enjoy longer machine useful life.

e-waste PCB recycling machineE-waste PCB board recycling machine

DOING always adhere to Quality and Service Wins Dependability and Future. So about our quality of e-waste PCB board recycling machine, you don't have to worry about that at all. Next, I will introduce the advantages of DOING e-waste PCB board recycling machine for you.

1. Adopt high quality raw material

e-waste PCB board recycling machineShredder and crusher of e-waste PCB board recycling machine

The blade material of double-shaft shredder is H13 alloy, which has high hardness, high toughness, and longer useful time than normal blade.

The blade material of crusher is 65Mn alloy, which has the advantages of good toughness, and high wear resistance.

2. With high equipment configuration

The eddy-vibrating screen equipped by DOING has higher precision screening, and with whole sealing structure, which won't make the material leak. What's more, it has low noise, high efficiency, one of the most important equipment in the whole line.

e-waste PCB board recycling machinePulse dust collector of e-waste PCB board recycling machine

DOING e-waste PCB board recycling machine equips pulse dust collector, which can clean dust automatically and the dust remove rate can reach over 99.5%. Some manufacturer equips bag dust removal, which has low cost but need human operation, with poor dust removal effect.

3. With high separation rate

E-waste PCB board recycling machineAir separator and electrostatic separator

DOING air separator adopts Italian air suspension principle, with high separation rate(97%-98%). It is easy to operate with variable frequency control knob, suitable for any processing capacities of e-waste PCB board recycling machine.

Electrostatic separator adopts high voltage electrostatic separation technology, the separate rate of which can reach above 99%. It is the core equipment of the whole line, also can be sold singly.

DOING has professional engineers team. Whether you have any problem, our sales and engineers can help you and design most suitable machine configuration solution. Welcome to contact us!

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