How are printed circuit boards (PCBs) recycled by e-waste recycling machine?

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DOING E-waste recycling machine mainly to recycle waste printed circuit boards (PCBs), which uses physical crushing and separation technology to recycle waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) into mixed metals and resin fiber.

The detailed printed circuit boards (PCBs) recycling process of e-waste recycling machine:

1. Dismantling electronic component

If your printed circuit boards (PCBs) is with electronic component, you had better use electronic component dismantling machine to remove the electronic component firstly, so as to improve the purity and price of the product - mixed metal.

As the video shows, when heating, the tin will become soft, and with the rotating of electronic component dismantling machine, the circuit boards rub against each other, and the electronic components are separated from the circuit board.

2. Crushing printed circuit boards (PCBs)

In DOING E-waste recycling machine working process, there are two crushing processes.

e-waste recycling machineHammerhead crusher and hammer crusher

The first crusher is Hammerhead crusher, which can crush PCB board to small piece about 1cm easily. The second crusher is hammer crusher, which will make the small pieces of printed circuit boards be crushed into smaller particles less than 4mm.

3. Separating printed circuit boards (PCBs)

In DOING E-waste recycling machine working process, there are also two separating processes - Air-flow separator and electrostatic separator.

The crushed particles from secondary crush will go into eddy-vibrating screen, which is used to control the size of materials. When they're small enough about 20 mesh, they will pass the screen, and then go into air-flow separator.

e-waste recycling machineEddy-vibrating screen

For those bigger materials, they will be sent back to the hammer crusher for further crushing, until they are crushed into about 20 mesh it will pass the screen and go into air-flow separator.

Then air separator and electrostatic separator to separate metals and resin fiber, according to their different gravity and conductivity. The separation rate can reach over 99%.

e-waste recycling machineAir separator and electrostatic separator

About DOING E-waste recycling machine, we have process capacity range from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h, with prices range from USD28500 to USD300000. Our engineers can customize different configuration to meet your needs. If you are interested in investing in e-waste pcb recycling business, please contact us and we will give you the most suitable solution.

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