What's the working principle of the ACP sheet recycling machine?

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ACP sheet recycling machine is a machine used to crushing and separate aluminum and plastic from waste ACP sheet, the working principle of which is very easy, just using physical crushing and separation technology, and no pollution in the whole process.

Here is the 3D working flow animation of Doing ACP sheet recycling machine. Watching it, you can learn about the details about the working principle of the ACP sheet recycling machine.

As the 3D working flow animation shows, the main working process of ACP sheet recycling machine is crushing, grinding and separating three steps. The detailed working process is as the follow description shows.

1. Put waste ACP sheet on the belt conveyor, then they will be crushed as 6mm or 10mm through crushing machine.

2. The raw material will be ground into 10 mesh in grinding machine. At the same time, the Eddy-vibrating Screen will control the size of aluminum and plastic.

3. Use electrostatic separator to separate aluminum and plastic. The separation rate can be reach more than 99%.

4. At whole process, use pulse dust collector and cyclone dust collector to collect the dust. You won't see the dust around the machine.

If your ACP sheets' size is big, you had better use a shredder to preprocess the ACP sheets, then use crusher to process. Or you can use a cutter to cut ACP sheet as small size, then processing with the crusher, grinder, and separator.

ACP sheet recycling machineCutter

The above two plans can both make the waste ACP into suitable size for crushing. Just has difference in machine cost and manpower cost. We can give you different plans according to your budget and worker arrangement.

If you are interested in the ACP sheet recycling machine or want to know more about ACP sheet recycling business, you can contact with our Doing company. We have professional engineer team and sales managers can give you suitable suggestions.

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