How to separate copper from PVC wire?

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PVC wires can be seen in home appliance dismantling center, car dismantling center, waste collection stations, etc., which usually includes square wires, car wires, scrap wires and thin wires, etc. All of them can be processed and recycled into copper and PVC, which can bring profit to us.

cable wire recycling machinePVC wires

Cable wire recycling machine is that machine to separate copper from PVC of wires. For thick wires, it can separate copper from PVC just through crushing and separating. But if there are some wires with plug, a shredder should be add before crusher. And if the wires are too thin to process, an electrostatic separator will be equipped to improve the separation rate. The whole working process of cable wire recycling machine is shredding, iron removing, crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. Through this process, copper and PVC will be separated from waste cable wires with 99% separation rate.

There are many ways to separate copper from PVC, like fire burning, chemical dissolution, etc. Why do I recommend cable wire recycling machine?

Cable wire recycling machineCable wire recycling machine

1. Environmental protection

Cable wire recycling machine is totally an environmental friendly machine, which only involved with physical and dry type separation. And during processing, the pulse dust removal and cyclone dust removal system will collect the dust. Therefore, it won't like fire burning, chemical dissolution, etc, which can cause water, air, soil or other pollution.

2. High profitable

The separation rate of cable wire recycling machine can reach to 99%. There is no plastic in copper, and no copper in plastic. The purity is pretty high. Besides, the dry type physical separation method won't damage the quality of copper and PVC. The high purity and good quality of copper and PVC can bring high profit to us.

3. Easy to operate and install

For small capacity cable wire recycling machine, we’ll design it integrated, so that it will be easier to install. And it can equip PLC control system, which makes it has high degree of automation.

Anyhow, cable wire recycling business is really a popular business now all over the world. Cable wire recycling machine is the most welcomed equipment among people to recycle the waste cable wires. So if you are interested, come to contact us DOING company soon for knowing more information!

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