How much money can we earn from e-waste recycling business?

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How much money can be earned from e-waste recycling business is affected by multiple factors, including the investment costs of e-waste raw materials, labor, power consumption, and the selling price of mixed metal products obtained from e-waste recycling business, etc. Now let DOING analyze it for you in details.

cost of e waste recycling businessE waste recycling business cost

The e-waste we usually say includes laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, etc. The e-waste raw materials investment cost may vary from locals and market. These e-waste raw materials can be dismantled and separate out each part like PCB board, copper wires, plastic shell.

PCB dismantling machinePCB dismantling machine

Copper wire and plastic shell can be sold directly, or be recycled into copper and plastic with copper wire recycling machine for sale. And for the PCB board with electronic component, we can adopt PCB dismantling machine to remove the electronic components firstly for sale. Then we can adopt the PCB board recycling machine to process the PCB board to get resin and mixed metals.

working process of PCB recycling machineWorking process of PCB board recycling machine

Mixed metals are very valuable and we can obtain considerable profit from it. The detailed selling price of mixed metals is mainly determined based on the mixed metal recovery rate. And the higher the mixed metal recovery rate is, the higher the mixed metal price is. The mixed metal recovery rate of DOING Company's PCB board recycling machine can reach to 99%, which can help customers maximize economic benefits.

Running cost / Day
Item Input Quantity Price($) Input cost($) Total cost($)
1 Waste circuit boards 500kg/h*8h=4T 857.14/T 3428.57 3552.43
2 Power consumption 72Kw/H*8H=567KwH 0.14/KwH 81
3 Workers 2 workers 21.42/Day 42.86
Income / Day
Item Output Quantity Price($) Income($) Total income($)
1 Metals 4T*18%=0.72T 7142.86/T 5142.86 5611.43
2 Resin fiber 4T*82%=3.28T 142.86/T 468.57
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=5611.43-3552.43=2059($)

Based on above factors, DOING made a e-waste recycling business profit analysis as the follows for customers reference.

After analyzing, we can see that it's very profitable to invest in e-waste recycling business. If you also want to earn money from it, welcome to contact DOING Company to get the professional solutions and customize high quality e-waste recycling machines. Free quote and best support for you!

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