How to make money with scrap copper cable recycling?

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Scrap copper cable wire is one of wastes that produced everyday in our daily life. However, the scrap copper cable wire contains a lot of copper and plastic, which is of great value for recycling. And we can adopt scrap copper cable recycling machine to recycle these scrap copper cable and make considerable money from it.

scrap copper cable recycling machineWorking process of scrap copper cable recycling machine

Generally speaking, recycling scrap copper cable need to go through the following four steps: shredding, crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation. The whole scrap copper cable recycling process adopts dry and physical separation method, and doesn't need any fire, water and chemical, so it’s totally environmentally friendly &pollution free and the quality of final copper&plastic products won't be affected. And when recycling scrap copper cable, there is equipped with pulse dust removal system to collect the dust to keep the workshop environment clean.

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scrap copper cable recycling machineScrap copper cable recycling machine

In this way, we can completely separate copper and plastic, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization of resources. With the epidemic under control, industrial reactivation, there is a lot demand of copper in the market, so copper can be directly sold at a good price in the market; and the plastic can also be directly sold or granulate for new products.

In order to give you a more intuitive understanding of how much money we can earn with scrap copper cable recycling business, Henan Doing company made the following profit analysis table for your reference according to customer's feedback.

    Profit analysis of scrap copper cable recycling business
Running cost / Day
Item Input Quantity Unit Price ($)  Input cost ($) Total cost($)
1 Scrap car wires 4 Ton 4691/ton 18764 18890.86
2 Power consumption 75Kw/H*8H=600KwH 0.14 84
3 Workers 2 workers 21.42/day 42.86
Item Output Quantity Price($) Income($) Total income($)
1 Copper 4T*55%=2.2T 10008/T 22017.6 22557.6
2 Plastic 1.8T 300/T 540
Daily profit = Daily income - Daily cost = 22557.6-18890.86= 3666.74($)

It's worth mentioning that the higher the separation rate, the higher the selling price of the obtained copper and plastic, and the more money we can earn with scrap copper cable recycling.

Henan Doing company has been engaged in scrap copper cable recycling machine manufacturing for 10+ years and has exported machine for more than 80 countries. The separation rate of our scrap copper cable recycling business can reach to 99%, which has helped customers obtain great economic benefits. If you have interests in our machine, feel free to contact us.

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