How to dispose or recycle blister packaging?

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In our daily life, there are a lot of waste produced per day, the blister packaging is one of them. There is an effective and profitable way to dispose blister packaging waste into treasure, that’s to adopt blister packaging recycling machine to recycle blister packaging.

blister packaging recycling machineBlister packaging recycling machine

As we all know the blister packaging is mainly made of aluminum and plastic, and we can adopt blister packaging recycling machine to separate them. And the processing flow of blister packaging recycling machine is very easy to understand.

working process of blister packaging recycling machineBlister packaging recycling machine working process

The blister packaging recycling machine uses a totally dry type physical separation technology to extract aluminum and plastic from the blister packaging through crushing, grinding, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separation. The aluminum and plastic final products can be directly sold for processing and reuse. Aluminum can be the raw material for fireworks or aerated brick, and the plastic can granulate for new products. [ Related Reading: How to separate aluminum from plastic? ]

The whole recycling process has no chemical pollutants and no waste water, It is not only environmentally friendly and pollution-free, but also can bring great economic benefits to investors.

advantages of blister packaging recycling machineAdvantages of blister packaging recycling plant

Doing company's blister packaging recycling machine is equipped with circulation water cooling during the grinding process, which can prevent the ground material from melting due to high temperature and make it easier to be separated afterwards. And it's worth mentioning that the extraction purity of our blister packaging recycling machine can reach to 99%. Besides that, it's operated with sealed vacuum loading and dust removal system, it's beneficial to improve the efficiency of dust collecting and make the workshop environment clean.

The recycling business is becoming more and more popular these two years, and many countries' government has published relative policies to support it. Believe the blister packaging recycling business will be a tend in the future and it is a business well worth investing in. If you also have interests, feel free to contact Henan Doing company to customize the blister packaging recycling machine!

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