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How is copper recycled step by step using copper wire granulator?

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Using copper wire granulator to recycling copper is very easy, only containing four steps: shredding, crushing, air separating and electrostatic separating.

copper wire granulator machineFour steps to recycle copper using copper wire granulator

The first step -- shredding

If your copper wires are thick cables or intertwined copper wires, the shredder is very necessary, because shredder can pre-process them directly and make the subsequent machines reduce working pressure and prolong their service life.

copper wire shredder machineThe working process of shredder

The second step -- crushing

If your copper wire contains iron, our engineer will suggest you to add a magnetic separator before crusher to remove iron, which will make the following copper and plastic separation process become much easier. Crusher will crush the copper wires pieces into small particles, which are almost the mixture of copper and plastic.

copper wire granulatorThe working process of crusher

The third step -- air separating

Taking advantage of the different specific gravity of copper and plastic, air separator can separate copper from plastic, and the separating rate is about 97% - 98%.

copper wire granulatorAir separating process

The last step -- electrostatic separating

For promoting the separating rate, our engineers advise add electrostatic separator after air separator. Electrostatic separator can continue processing those mixed copper and plastic after air separating, and separate the copper from plastic which has same gravity as copper. After electrostatic separating, the separating rate can reach 99.9%.

copper wire granulatorElectrostatic separating process

These four steps are the main process in copper wire recycling process. To ensure that the entire production in line with environmental requirements, DOING Brand copper wire granulator has pulse dust remove system and cyclone dust remove system, which are used to collect dust to keep the workshop clean all the time.

So far, are you clear about how to recycle copper step by step using copper wire granulator? If not, you can see our copper wire granulator working process 3D video to see the steps in details. And if you want to know more details about DOING copper wire granulator, you can contact with us.

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