Radiator recycling plant -- Automatic machine to separate copper and aluminium

Radiator recycling plant is a type of equipment for recovering copper, aluminium and iron from used radiators. This radiator recycling plant from DOING Company is an automatic machine to easily separate the copper and aluminium from used radiators.

radiator recycling plantRadiator recycling plant

Radiator recycling plant from DOING Company uses physical way to process used radiators and then obtain mixed metals. With this 3D video we can see the workflow of this radiator recycling plant.

1. Put the scrap radiator on the belt conveyor;

2. After shredding and crushing, a mixed metal of about 2-3 mm of copper, aluminium and iron is obtained;

3. The magnetic separator will separate iron from copper and aluminum;

4. The negative-pressure baffling separator can separate 30% small aluminum from mixed metals.

5. Use the air separator to sort the copper and aluminum according to the principle of airflow suspension, using the different specific gravity of copper and aluminum;

6. In the working of the radiator recycling plant, there are pulse dust removal system and cyclone dust collectors to collect dust.

The aluminium, copper and iron recovered from the radiator equipment can be sent directly to the metal market to be sold for money. This is because DOING's radiator recycling plant can achieve a separation rate of 99.9%. The table below is an analysis of the profitability of this radiator recycling plant, but there are differences in the prices of copper and aluminium in different cities, so this table is for reference only.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuatityUnit Price ($) input cost ($)total cost($)
1Waste radiators500kg/h*8h=4T31001240012513.72
2Power consumption62Kw/H*8H=496KwH0.1470.86
3Workers2 workers21.42/day42.86
ItemOutputQuantityPrice($)Income($)Total income($)
Daily profit = daily income - daily cost=15844-12513.72=3330.28  ($)

After watching the 3D video, if you are interested in radiator recycling plant and would like to know how to start this business, you can contact DOING Company. DOING Compay have professional engineer team and sale manager, it can give you more suggestion about this business.

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