How to earn money from starting e-waste recycling business?

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If you want to earn money from starting e-waste recycling business, congratulate you, because it is really a good business. By e-waste recycling business, we can not only make money out of helping the environment toxic free, but also can transfer e-waste into socially and industrially beneficial raw materials, like valuable metals, plastics, glass, etc.

e-waste recycling machineWaste circuit boards and metals & plastic

According to the statistics, only 15-20% of e-waste is recycled, the rest of these electronics go directly into landfills and incinerators, which causes environmental pollution and waste of resources. So if more and more people start e-waste recycling business, more raw materials can be recycled and reused.

Step-by-Step Guide For Starting E-Waste Recycling Business:

1. Research and gather more information to make the e-waste recycling business plan

The e-waste recycling business plan is complicated and capital-intensive. You should have a thorough understanding of both electronics and the recycling industry, and know what products that are being discarded and dumped in toxic landfills in your area, which can help you determine which electronic products should be recycled.

2. Decide what fields your e-waste recycling management has

The established e-waste recycling management companies normally work in different fields like data destruction, e-waste collection, reconstruction and re-sale of old electronic items, and de-fabrication and distribution of unused electronic components.

e-waste recycling machineApplication fields

3. Decide what e-wastes you want to recycle and the source of raw material recycling

It is very important to have stable source of raw material recycling, which will decide how many tons of e-wastes you will process per day, and which processing capacity of machine you buy. If you recycle old computer, old cellphone, old household appliances, etc, you should dismantle them firstly, and then use machine to process different parts to get different products.

4. Make a business plan

Business plan is very crucial to your company long-term survival because it serves as a road map for its potential operations. You should include Initial and ongoing costs, a list of the companies from what you will collect e-waste, your daily production capacity, and pricing strategy in your business plan.

5. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits

Check with the relevant authorities to see what kind of permits you'll need to run an e-waste recycling business. Inquire with your city's public welfare department about waste disposal and planning standards for your e-waste recycling business. If you need equipment information, DOING can provide it to you to help you obtain the necessary licenses and permits.

6. Setup your e-waste recycling business

e-waste recycling machineBusiness spot

Choose a spot for your e-waste recycling business to open. And find a reliable e-waste recycling machine manufacturer to purchase the equipment. DOING has engineers team, who can design the workshop layout, and provide equipment solution for you. Welcome you contact us!

7. Plan out the capital investment

The cost of setting up an e-waste recycling business is determined by a variety of factors. If you want to start the e-waste recycling business with much fewer financial resources, you can work with a simple smaller e-waste recycling machine. DOING can provide 100-150kg/h small e-waste recycling machine to large 1500-2000kg/h e-waste recycling machine. You can choose suitable one based on your needs.

e-waste recycling machineE-waste recycling machine

8. Create an efficient marketing strategy

Carefully craft a marketing strategy. Without an efficient marketing strategy, no company can succeed. You must also focus on digital ads in today's digital environment.

All in all, e-waste recycling business includes the responsibilities of the collection and procurement of waste and turning them into raw materials for further industrial use. The business of e-waste recycling definitely has a great future. If you want to start it, welcome to contact DOING for more information!

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