Australia client ordered an aluminum plastic recycling machine from Henan Doing Holdings

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On August 17th, 2021, Australia client ordered an aluminum plastic recycling machine with the processing capacity of 200-300 kg/h from Henan Doing Holdings, and signed a contract. Aluminum plastic recycling machine is composed of crusher, grinding mill, eddy-vibrating screen and electrostatic separator, which is aimed to separate aluminum and plastic from aluminum-plastic materials.

aluminum plastic recycling machineDoing Holdings' aluminum plastic recycling machine

The reason for Australia client to buy aluminum plastic recycling machine is that he want to process aluminum-plastic panel. Because he has a company belonging to the engineering industry that produces a lot of leftovers from aluminum-plastic panels during the production process. Due to the quantity is huge, which has affected his plant operation, so he wanted to carry out this business as soon as possible. After he consulted us, our sales manager immediately contacted him. Having knowing the raw material, our salesman recommended aluminum plastic recycling machine for him, and made a detailed introduction of each configuration. The client felt interested in our machine. Then our sales manager invited him to visit the factory and test the various functions of the machine himself. He agreed.

aluminum plastic recycling machinesAluminum plastic recycling plant

Soon, he came to our factory, and tested the machine with materials. And the result of separation met his expectations. Therefore, he paid the full account at the scene, even if his own factory has not found a suitable location.

Aluminum plastic recycling machine is in production currently and will be shipped in about 25 days. I wish the Australian customers' aluminum-plastic panel recycling business can start as soon as possible, and follow-up situation, stay tuned!

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