What kind of wires can be processed by DOING wire recycling machine?

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The DOING wire recycling machine can process all kinds of copper wires and aluminum wires in our daily life, for example car wires, electric wires, household cable wires, industrial cables and so on. According to different wires, there are different equipment configuration of wire recycling machine. If you want to start the wire recycling business, you had better learn about it in details.

wire recycling machineWire recycling machine

Generally, the cable wires can be sent into crusher directly and then be separated. But if there is iron in your wires, it needs to add a magnetic separator to separate iron. Or if your wires are too thick, it is better to use a shredder to preprocess thick wires. The shredder can increase the capacity of whole process line. That’s why when the capacity is more than 500kg/h, the first main machine is shredder.

If your wires are too thin, only using air separating machine can get the separation rate is about 98%. And there will be 1-2% copper missed in plastic. Therefore, it is better to add an electrostatic separator to increase the separation rate more than 99.9%. You can see there is no plastic in copper and no copper in plastic.

The following is the working process 3D animation of DOING wire recycling machine. You can watch it for more information.

What kind of wires do you want to process? We have professional engineer team and sales, who can give you professional suggestions. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact with us.

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