How is the profit about extraction of metals from e waste?

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The biggest profit about extraction of metals from e waste is mainly from extraction of metals from waste PCB boards. If you want to know how the profit is, DOING can take a example for you to analyze it.

waste circuit board recycling machineWaste circuit board recycling machine

For example, you have a waste circuit board recycling machine, whose processing capacity is 500kg/h. If working 10 hours one day, it can process 5 ton waste circuit boards. At the present price, you need cost $15620 on buying raw materials. The power consumption of waste circuit board recycling machine is 64.5kw/h, and the charge of power is 0.11/kwh. So the total cost of power is $70.95 for working 10 hours. Besides, you need 2 workers to operate this machine, the labor cost is $25 per one. The labor cost is $50 per day in total.

After processing waste PCB boards, you will get 2 ton precious metals and 3 ton resin fiber. They can be sold directly in the metal trading market. The price of precious metals is $9530/t, and the price of resin fiber is $80/t. By processing 5 ton waste circuit boards one day, you can get income about $19300 totally.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPriceInput costTotal cost
1Waste PCB boards500kg/h * 10h = 5TUSD3124 / tonUSD15620USD 15740.95
2Power consumption64.5Kw/H * 10H = 645KwHUSD0.11/ KWHUSD70.95
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Metals5T *40%= 2TUSD9530/ tonUSD19060USD 19300
2Resin fiber5T*60%= 3TUSD80/ tonUSD240
Daily Profit = USD 19300 – USD 15740.95 = USD 3559.05

Therefore, you can earn about $3559.05 per day. The price of the raw materials and final products is different in different countries and area. The above data is just for reference. I recommended that you'd better to conduct a market survey before starting e waste recycling business.

waste circuit board recycling machineUses of final products

If you're not satisfied with the above profit, there is other way to improve the e waste recycling profit. Metals and resin fiber are the final products that we get last. Instead of being sold directly, they can also be made into other products and sell. For example, resin fiber can be made into building bricks/ Resin tiles, ground painting, wood-plastic products, etc. The price is a little higher than sold directly. As for metals, they can be extracted gold or other precious metals, and then sell. In this way, you can get higher profit.

Are you excited after knowing the high profit of e waste recycling business? Hurry up to contact us to purchase waste circuit board recycling machine to help you get high profit from e waste recycling business!

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