What is the recycling process for waste solar panels?

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With the rapid development of the solar energy field, the recycling of waste solar panels has become an urgent issue. Because solar panels contain harmful substances, if they are discarded at will, they will cause great pollution to the environment. In addition, solar panels contain some valuable metals and other substances, and their recycling and reuse has great economic and environmental value. Therefore, the recycling of waste solar panels is of great significance.

solar panel recycling machineSolar panel recycling machine

Currently, the most effective way to recycle solar panels is to use a solar panel recycling machine. Solar panels are mainly divided into two categories: single-glass photovoltaic panels and double-glass photovoltaic panels. Generally speaking, different components require different recycling process techniques.

Single-glass Solar Panel Recycling Process:

1. Remove the frame

First, use a frame removing machine to remove the aluminum frame bracket of the waste solar panel to distinguish the solar panel from the glass. DOING frame removing machine can process solar panels of all specifications on the market, because the equipment can adjust the length and width of the processing according to the specifications of the solar panels.

2. Remove glass

DOING glass removing machine has achieved full automation, with a glass removal rate of up to 98%, and the obtained glass is mostly glass particles, not powder. Since the price of glass granules in the market is higher than that of powder, choosing DOING glass removal machine is choosing wealth.

3. Shredding and screening

The shredder crushes the remaining EVA glue, battery cells, welding strips and backplanes, and then enters the grinder, sieving machine and electrostatic separation for detailed screening.

solar panel recycling machineSolar panel recycling machine

Double-glass Solar Panel Recycling Process:

1. The double-glass special frame remover fixes the double-glass solar panel and then removes the aluminum frame.

2. DOING professional pyrolysis furnace removes the EVA glue from solar panels at a suitable pyrolysis temperature.

3. Separating: The remaining glass, solder ribbons and battery cells are sent in via a conveyor belt and then go through three professional sorting processes for fine sorting.

solar panel recycling machineGlass particles

Generally speaking, the processing flow for single-glass solar panels is also applicable to double-glass solar panels. The entire processing flow is equipped with pulse dust removal, truly achieving efficient and environmentally friendly recycling. After the above process, we can recycle valuable things such as aluminum frame, glass, silicon powder, plastic, a small amount of silver, EVA glue, etc. from waste solar panels. Solar panel recycling machines allow us to maximize the value of waste photovoltaic panels, not only realizing the recycling of resources but also contributing to environmental protection.

Solar panel recycling machineDOING factory

The frame removal machine, glass removal machine, electrostatic separator, etc. manufactured by DOING factory are carefully designed and equipped by professionals. The parts have the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance and long service life. The equipment can adjust the equipment configuration according to the raw materials processed by the customer, and is suitable for processing solar panels of different specifications. For questions about solar panel recycling machines, please feel free to consult.

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