What process is used to recycle aluminum from aluminum composite materials?

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As we all know, the aluminum in aluminum composite materials can be recycle. Long time ago, the aluminum is recycled by traditional process, like fire burning or chemical solution dissolving. But, with the awakening of environmental awareness, the two methods are banned by government because of severe environmental pollution. People has started to explore new method to recycle aluminum from aluminum composite materials.

aluminum plastic separator machineAluminum plastic separator machine

Aluminum plastic separator machine is one of the results of people's exploration. Aluminum plastic separator machine is new type machine, which can process aluminum composites materials to get aluminum and plastic. It adopts new technology dry type crushing and separating method to process aluminum composite materials. The working process includes crushing, grinding, sieving and electrostatic separation.

aluminum plastic separator machineWorking process of aluminum plastic separator machine

First, one worker put scrap aluminum composite materials on the belt conveyor, it will be conveyed in to crusher, crusher will crush scrap aluminum composites materials into 4mm pieces. And then grinder will process them into powder about 20-24 meshes. Eddy vibrating screen will be used to control the size of aluminum and plastic powder, bigger powder will be sent back to the grinder for second grinding and small powder will go to the next step. Finally electrostatic separator will separate pure aluminum from plastic according to the difference of conductivity of them. The separation rate can reach to 99%.

The advantages of aluminum plastic separator machine:

aluminum plastic separator machineAluminum plastic separator machine

Fully automatic & easy to operation - Aluminum plastic separator machine adopts PLC control system, which is easy to operate. Just need one or two workers to feed and observe the machine running situation.

Wide application - Aluminum plastic separator machine can process aluminum composite panels, aluminum plastic foils, medical blister packs, aluminum plastic shaving materials, etc. The finished products aluminum and plastic are very pure.

Environmental protection - Aluminum plastic separator machine is equipped with cyclone dust collector and pulse dust collector with air compressor. Cyclone dust collector can collect most of big particles dust, and pulse dust collector will collect very thin dust below 0.4Nano. The dust collector is with air compressor, if there are much dust in the cloth bag, just press lightly, the dust will be cleaned automatically.

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