How much investment is required for e-waste recycling unit?

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When some people want to invest in e-waste recycling unit, the price of the equipment is often a point that comes to mind. While it is true that the price of the e-waste recycling unit is a key point in investing in e-waste recycling unit, but it is not the only point. In fact, there are other aspects to consider regarding investments in e-waste recycling unit.

e-waste recycling unitE-waste recycling unit

1.Raw material

E-waste recycling unit is specially designed for separating and recycling precious metals and resin fiber from scrap PCB boards. So the type and price of the raw material to be processed is also a consideration when investing in this e-waste recycling unit. E-waste recycling unit can process these raw materials: various waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards, printed circuit boards, various waste electrical appliances motherboards, and processing waste. Different raw materials have different prices. You can go to your local e-waste recycling depot to learn about the prices of these raw materials and then choose the right ones to recycle according to your investment needs.

e-waste recycling unitRaw material

2.Machine cost

Apart from investments in raw materials, the emphasis seems to lie more on investment in the price of the e-waste recycling unit. However, the price of the e-waste recycling unit is not certain, it is related to the capacity of the equipment, equipment configuration and other factors. For this machine, DOING have capacities ranging from 100kg/h to 2000kg/h, with prices ranging from USD28500 to USD300000.

3.Shipping cost and Importation tax

e-waste recycling unitProject delivery

Shipping cost and Importation tax on the e-waste recycling unit are also something you need to consider when investing in this e-waste recycling unit. Freight and import duties for the e-waste recycling unit depend on the capacity of the e-waste recycling unit. About shipping cost and importation tax, DOING can help you check when you confirm which capacity machine you need.

According to all these analysis, the investment in e-waste recycling unit encompasses many aspects. So if you are interested in e-waste recycling unit, you can tell our salesmen your specific needs and they can provide you with an investment plan and detailed quotation for an e-waste recycling unit. With a professional sales team, DOING can provide you with the best service, welcome to contact us!

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