Can pill blister packs be recycled? How to recycle?

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Pill blister packs, like paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofenand some prescription medications usually seen in our daily life, causes a waste of land. Based on this, many people wonder that if pill blister packs are recyclable, and how to recycle?

aluminium plastic recycling machinePill blister packs

A pill blister packs is plastic sheet that contain tablets or capsules. On the back of plastic sheet, thin aluminium foils will be used to seal the pill blister packs. You pop out the tablets through the aluminium foil. Both aluminium and plastic (PVC) are recyclable materials, so pill blister packs are recyclable, too.

Now that, pill blister packs can be recycled, how can we recycle them? Actually, there are many ways to recycle them.

1. Using fire

Fire is the most traditional way to recycle pill blister packs. The fire can burn out plastic of pill blister packs, but not the aluminium. Finally, we will get aluminium recycled. But in this way, the recycled aluminium is not very clean, for melted plastic will be stick to it. Meanwhile, this way will also cause severe pollution to air, which has been banned.

2. Using chemical solution

The second way is to use chemical solution. Use an acidic or corrosive chemical solution to dissolve the plastic, and the aluminium will be separated last. However, acidic or corrosive chemical solution is pretty dangerous, which should be used with care. Additionally, the used chemical solution will also pollute the water and soil.

3. Using aluminium plastic recycling machine

aluminium plastic recycling machineAluminium plastic recycling machine

Aluminium plastic recycling machine is an environmental friendly recycling machine, which adopts dry type physical separation method to recycle pill blister packs. Just put the pill blister backs into the aluminium plastic recycling machine, aluminium will be separated from plastic. The whole working process uses no fire, no chemical solution, and equips with dust removal system, which won't produce any pollution to environment.

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