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Methods of disposal of e-waste PCB boards in India

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India is the “fifth largest electronic waste producer in the world”, approximately 2 million tons of e-waste are generated annually, and also imported lots of e-waste such as waste PCB boards, used cellphones and computer motherboards from other countries. They mainly recycle metals from these e-waste PCB boards, there are many methods of disposal of e-waste PCB boards in India.

By manual disassemble-dismantling the e-waste by manpower:

Manually disassembling e-waste PCB boards is not only inefficient, but also harmful to human health. Workers and even children work 8-10 hours one day, looking for precious metals such as gold and copper in waste PCB boards. People who work in this environment for a long time are prone to respiratory problems.

Workers use crude oil methods to exteact precious metals:

Workers use crude oil methods to extract reusable ingredients and precious metals such as copper, tin, silver, gold, titanium and palladium. The process involves acid combustion and open burning, which produces toxic gases with serious health and environmental consequences.

 methods of disposal of e-waste PCB boards
Methods of disposal of e-waste PCB boards

By incineration-burn the e-waste by directly:

Many furnaces and melting techniques are used in small workshops and factories. When the circuit boards of cell phones and computers were burned, the metal was separated from the plastic by washing and sieving, and then reshaped by a high-temperature soaking furnace. However, burning waste circuit boards will release toxic substances and easily cause serious secondary pollution of the environment such as air or soil. National environmental protection policies also do not allow this.

By landfills-bury e-waste to underground:

Not only a lot of precious metal resources are wasted, but some toxic metals in e-waste will seriously pollute the land and water resources.

Dry type physical separation method:

Another method is to separate metals in the waste PCB board with PCB recycling machine.The whole process of PCB recycling machine adopts mechanical separation methods including crushing, air separation and electrostatic separation, no fire, no chemical, no secondary waste, total friendly to the environment. [Related recommend: Printed circuit board recycling process].The separated metals can be sold on the market and resin fiber can be made to other products. Using PCB recycling machine to separate metals from scrap PCB board is the most environmentally efficient method.

PCB recycling machineDry type physical separation method and the PCB recycling machine

After reading this article, I believe that you have some understanding of the methods of disposal of in India. If you are interested in PCB recycling machine, you may wish to contact us directly, we will provide you with professional technical support.


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