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How do I recycle waste wires and cables?

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With the increasing popularity of household appliances and vehicles, the use of wires and cables is increasing, and these electrical appliances will generate waste cable wires after replacement. So what should be done with these waste cables? Is there any way to turn waste wires and cables into treasures? Here, DOING company introduces it to you.

The copper and plastic contained in waste wires and cables can be recycled. The separated copper and plastic can be used to make new products or sell them directly to metal manufacturers. The methods of processing waste cable wires include burning, peeling, crushing, freezing and mechanical separation. In the following, we summarize the recycling processing methods of waste wires and cables as follows.

Manual peeling method:

This method uses manual method to peel the waste wires and cables, and it has low efficiency and high cost. If it is a hairline, such as some automobile wires, network cables, and household appliance disassembly wires, the effect is poor. With the current economic development, labor costs are getting higher and higher, and fewer and fewer waste wires and cables are being treated in this way.

recycle waste wires and cablesMethods of recycling waste wires and cables

Incineration method:

This method is a more traditional method, which uses the combustible nature of the wire sheath to directly burn waste wires and cables, and then recover the copper inside. The copper was burned by the fire, the wires were severely oxidized during the incineration process, and some plastics were burned, which not only wasted resources but also brought environmental pollution. Today, the country is pressing for environmental protection, and the method of burning copper is explicitly prohibited.

Mechanical peeling method:

This method uses wire stripping equipment, which is a semi-mechanical operation, requires a manual labor, and has a greater labor intensity. More importantly, this method is only suitable for some single-stranded square and cable wires. If we recycle raw materials such as automobile wires, household wires, network cables, electronic wires, it is not suitable to use wire stripping equipment.

Chemical method:

Whenever we mention the word "chemistry", we think of environmental issues most. Indeed, this method uses chemical potions, which are separated from the copper by soaking the potions. The problem is that the cost of medicinal water treatment is high. If it is not treated properly, it will seriously pollute water resources and land resources. Therefore, this method is only in the experimental stage and is not really put into use.

recycle waste wires and cablesWater type machine produces lots of industrial waste water

Water type machine:

Water type copper wire recycling machine is an old technology, the water after processing by this machine will produce a lot of waste water, How to deal with secondary pollution is still a difficult problem.The separated copper separated from wet copper wire recycling machine needs to be dried, otherwise it will rust and cause the price to drop.

copper wire recycling machine DOING dry type copper wire recycling machine

Mechanical separation method:

The dry type copper wire recycling machine used in this method uses dry physical separation method. The waste wires and cables are peeled by crushing, and then copper and plastic are separated and separated by air separation and electrostatic separation. The rate can reach to 99.9%. This method can treat all kinds of waste cable wires without using water, fire and chemicals, and it will not produce secondary pollution.[This article maybe you are interested: The difference between dry copper wire recycling machine and wet copper wire recycling machine].

The above are introduction of recycling waste wires and cables methods. From this we can see that the mechanical separation method is the most practical. If you want to know more about copper wire granulator machine or want to buy a copper wire granulator machine, you can contact our company and we will give you the most satisfactory solution.

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