How much investment is required to start copper wire recycling small plant?

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Copper wire recycling business is a popular recycling business for now, and many people want to start this business. As for beginner, it is better to start it with a small copper wire recycling plant. Well, how much investment is required to start a small copper wire recycling plant? Let DOING analysis it for you.

1. Copper wire investment

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

To start a new business, raw material is the essential element to considered. To start copper wire recycling plant, you need to collect adequate waste copper wires. However, there are different types copper wires in the market, the copper content is different, thus the price is also different. The copper wire investment depends on the wire types you collect.

2. Machinery investment

copper wire recycling machineCopper wire recycling machine

Choosing a suitable copper wire recycling machine is also vital for copper wire recycling plant. If you want to get more money from copper wire recycling plant, a machine with high separation rate is better. To get high separation rate of copper, you need to choose a copper wire recycling machine with high separation rate. The different supplier of copper wire recycling machine are, the different prices are.

3. Factory investment

copper wire recycling machineFactroy

If you want to start a small copper wire recycling plant, you need a factory to store the raw materials and final products, and install your machine. The cost of factory land is different varies from different areas. You can rent a relatively cheap factory in your area. Absolutely, if you have your own factory, it will help you to save a lot of money.

4. Labor force cost and power consumption

To run a copper wire recycling plant, it is inevitable to hire labor force and consume electricity. The price of labor force and electricity are also different in different areas, of course. It's better to buy a machine with easy to operate and low consumption, which can low the cost of labor force and power consumption.

If you are interested in starting this business, and have any questions, welcome to contact us. Our sales manager and engineer team will give you more suitable suggestion.

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