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How does e waste get recycled?

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E waste is usually made of resin fiber and some precious metals, like copper, gold, lead, tin and so on. So they are recyclable. If we can can recycle them to get metals, we will get high profit from them. So how does e waste get recycled?

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

PCB board recycling machine is one kind of recycling machine, which is designed for processing e waste. It can process many waste circuit boards, like computer boards, TV boards, copper clad laminates and so on. PCB board recycling machine can recycle e waste through dismantling, shredding, crushing, sieving and separating.

The detailed recycling process of e waste recycling as follows:

PCB dismantling machinePCB dismantling machine

1, Dismantling - Using a PCB dismantling machine to dismantle the electronic components on the waste circuit boards. Then you will get electronic components and bare boards.

2, Shredding - Using a shredder to shredd the bare boards into small pieces.

3, Crushing - Using a crusher to crush these small pieces into powder, which can make it easy for PCB board recycling machine to process these powder.

PCB board recycling machineProcess of PCB board recycling machine

4, Sieving - Using a eddy-vibrating screen to control the size of powder. Those small enough powder can through the screen to get further process, however, those bigger powder will be stopped by the eddy-vibrating screen, and then they will be sent back to the crusher to get further crush.

5, Air separation and electrostatic separation - Using air separator and electrostatic separator to separate metals and non-metals. Air separator can separate metals and non-metals according to their gravities. There may be some gravities of metals and non-metals will be similar because of completely crushed, the air separator cannot separate the metals and non-metals clearly. So an electrostatic separator is necessary. Electrostatic separator can separate metals and non-metals according to their different conducitivities in the magnetic field clearly and quickly.

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

This is the process of how dose e waste get recycled. Hoping this article can help you have some understanding of recycling e waste. If you have any other questions about PCB board recycling machine, welcome to contact us-Henan Doing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

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