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How do I recycle electronic waste?

Date:Sep 14, 2021/ FAQ/ Chat online/ Get a free quote

If you want to know how to recycle electronic waste, firstly you should know your purpose of recycling electronic waste. For selling money? For further processing? Or other purpose. Electronic products bring our life much convenience, but at the same time, the electronic waste also becomes more and more. If can not be processed by right method, the electronic waste will produce serious pollution to environment. Here, Doing Company will introduce several electronic waste recycling method. You can choose one of them based on your purpose.

1. Recycling electronic waste for selling directly

PCB board recycling machineVarious electronic waste

This approach is suitable for individuals to operate on a small scale. You can recycle electronic waste from who want to throw them. By giving little money, collect some electronic waste and sell them at higher price to large electronic waste recycling company.

2. Recycling electronic waste for breaking down then selling

PCB board recycling machineBreaking down the electronic waste

This way need workers to break down the waste electronic products, to get plastic, glass, metal, electronic components, PCB board and others. You can sell these things to different waste recycling market, and the price will be higher than selling directly. But the work of breaking down the the waste electronic products is low efficiency and high time consumption, and except for the labor costs and the transportation costs, the profit is low, too.

3. Recycling electronic waste for extracting precious metal, then selling or reprocessing

PCB board recycling machine

This method need chemical solvent to react with electronic waste, and get precious metal, such as gold, platinum and palladium. At, present, this method has not been widely used, because it has lots of disadvantages. For example, costs high, cannot directly deal with electronic waste with complex composition, only can extracting several kinds of precious metal, and because the solvent is corrosive and toxic, if the operation is not right, it is easy to cause serious secondary pollution. But if using this method, the precious metal got from electronic waste can be sold at higher price, and it also can be reprocessed into other products.

4. Recycling electronic waste for further processing, getting metal and other valuable thing, then selling

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

The PCB board of electronic waste contains many kinds of metals and resin fiber, and it also is very worth to recycle. There is PCB board recycling machine, which adopts dry and physical separation method to separate metals and resin fiber fast, and the recycling rate of metal is up to 99%. And in the whole process, it will equip dust removal device, which can avoid pollution. Because it uses dry and physical separation method, the quality of metals and resin fiber got are very high, and the selling price is high, too. (Some selling price of metal for your reference: Gold 57660$/T, Platinum 31200$/T, Copper 8900$/T, Silver 770$/T.)

PCB board recycling machinePCB board recycling machine

Metal can be sold to refine gold, copper, and other precious metals. And finally the copper can be finished into the copper electrolysis plant. While resin fiber can be used to make fat plastic wood, outdoor benches, floors and so on, or as filling material for wood plastic products.

Comparatively speaking, the fourth method is the best one to recycling electronic waste, which not only won't produce pollution to environment, but also can help you obtain huge benefits. If you have interested in the PCB board electronic waste recycling machine, welcome to contact us(Doing Company) for guides of electronic waste recycling investment.

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