How many tons of copper can be obtained by processing 1 ton of waste air conditioner radiator?

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As for air conditioner radiators, the copper content in it is about 55%, the remaining is aluminum and little iron. Because the price of copper is pretty high, we should extract as much copper from waste radiator. DOING company has two kinds of machines, which can separate copper out of radiators with high separation rate. By processing 1 ton of waste air conditioner radiator, you will get about 0.5 ton of copper.

large-scale radiator recycling machineLarge-scale radiator recycling machine

The first machine is called large-scale radiator recycling machine. This machine is professionally to process and recycle the waste radiators, like waste air conditioner radiators or car water tank radiators. Its structure is simple, just consists a shredder, crusher, negative pressure baffle sorting machine, magnetic separator and air separator. Each part has its effect. The shredder is to cut the radiators into pieces. The crusher is to crusher these small radiator pieces. As for the negative pressure baffle sorting machine and magnetic separator, it is aimed to separate the aluminum with light weight and remove iron metal. And the air separator will separate copper from aluminum according their different gravities. Due to the separation rate is 99%, so you can get about 0.5 ton of copper by processing 1 ton of waste radiators.

stripping type radiator recycling machineStripping type radiator recycling machine

The other way to separate copper out of radiator is using stripping type radiator recycling machine. Before using this machine, you should use a radiator cutting machine to cut off the iron metal from the radiator. Then you will get copper tube and aluminum foil. The separation rate can also reach to 99%. What will you get is about 0.5 ton of copper tube by processing 1 ton of waste radiators.

Certainly, for different types of air conditioner radiators in market, the copper content is not sure, maybe higher, maybe lower. So above information could be for reference if you just plan to start this business. And if you are interested or want to know more details about this machine, please feel free to contact us DOING company!

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