How is the prospect of e waste recycling business?

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The prospect of e waste recycling business is influenced by the market situation and national policies. Generally, the better the market situations and the more attention the country pays, the better the prospect of e waste recycling business will be. For example, India, as the largest e-waste recycling country in the world, will hold some e-waste-related auctions in the country in order to solve the e-waste problem, which not only solves the problem of e waste collection for recyclers, but also obtains certain price concessions. Therefore, more and more people start e waste recycling business in India.

If you want to start e waste recycling business in your country, you can judge whether the e-waste recycling business is feasible from the two aspects of raw materials and products.

I. Raw materials:

1. Recyclable value of e waste

prospect of e waste recycling businessMetals content of PCBs

The recyclable value of e waste sets the stage for the prospect of e waste recycling business. E waste contains up to 60% of rare and precious metals, because it has excellent electrical conductivity. Printed circuit boards (PCBs), as the important component of e waste, usually contain 40% precious metals, including copper, aluminium, lead, nickel, silver, gold, palladium, etc. The latest forecasts would show that e-waste is worth more than 62 billion US-Dollar annually – and was worth three times the output of all the world’s silver mines.

2. Amount of e waste

prospect of e waste recycling businessRaw materials

The amount of e waste determines whether you can buy enough raw material at a cheaper price to start your e waste recycling business. It is roughly estimated that e waste is generated annually by the growth rate of 30-50 million tons. In recent years, in particular, the generation of e waste has increased swiftly due to the increase in demand for electronic products and the shortening of the life of electronic products. According to the indication of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the amount could reach to 120 million tons annually by 2050. The huge amount of e waste provides adequate raw materials for e waste recycling business.

3. Recycling technology of e waste

In order to recycle the precious metals of e waste, there are more and more e waste recycling methodologies has developed recently, such as fire burning, chemical dissolution, bio-metallurgy, mechanical separation, etc. All of these methods provide solid technical guarantee for the prospect of e waste recycling business.

prospect of e waste recycling businessPCB recycling machine

Henan Doing's designed a PCB recycling machine for processing waste printed circuit boards. It mainly adopts a dry type physical separation method to separate the rare and precious metals from waste circuit boards. The separating rate can reach up to 99%.

II. Final products:

The final products' application and selling price will influence your final profit. The separated metals can be sold directly, or to refine gold or copper for sale. As for the resin fiber, they can be made into building bricks, ground painting, wood-plastic products, etc. Both of them have wide application. As to the price of final products, you can do a research according to the local trading marketing.

prospect of e waste recycling businessFinal products' application

The following is a profit analysis table provided by our Indian customer by using a PCB recycling machine. Perhaps it can help you calculate your profit according to the local cost of raw materials and actual price of final products.

Running cost / Day
ItemInputQuantityPriceInput costTotal cost
1Waste PCB boards500kg/h * 10h = 5TUSD3124 / tonUSD15620USD 15740.95
2Power consumption64.5Kw/H * 10H = 645KwHUSD0.11/ KWHUSD70.95
3Workers2 workersUSD25per oneUSD50
Income / Day
ItemOutputQuantityPriceIncomeTotal income
1Metals5T *40%= 2TUSD9530/ tonUSD19060USD 19300
2Resin fiber5T*60%= 3TUSD80/ tonUSD240
Daily Profit = USD 19300 – USD 15740.95 = USD 3559.05

The prospect of e waste recycling business could be bright. Doing's PCB recycling machine has helped many customer to start their e waste recycling business. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us feel free.

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