How profitable is e waste recycling business?

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With the maturity of the electronic product market, the e waste is also on the rise, so the profitability of e waste recycling business has a very promising prospect. How profitable is e waste recycling business? We will analyze it from the following aspects.

pcb recycling machineE waste

First of all, from the amount of e waste, e waste resources are very abundant. A new report found that the amount of global e waste could reach 74million metric tonsby the year 2030. This is a doubling of e waste over the span of 16 years. People are also consuming more electronics in their lifetimes, including smartphones, high-definition televisions, or laptops. Only 17.4% of the e waste from 2022 was recycled, according to this report. This means $57 billion worth of discarded electronics was never collected.These numbers alone show that there are opportunities for huge profits for anyone who wants to enter the e waste recycling business.

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Secondly, according to research, circuit boards in e waste have great recycling value, one ton of circuit boards contains about 20-30% copper, a small amount of gold and silver. Therefore, according to this calculation, if the metal in the recycling of circuit boards, each ton of circuit boards can make a profit of $ 200-300. From this aspect, the e waste recycling business is also very profitable.

Thirdly, there are now many technology methods to recycle e waste.The trick to e waste mining on a larger scale is developing more technological ways to process the old electronics. In many countries, people use PCB recycling machine to recycle e waste. There are many PCB recycling machine manufacturers in the market, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs. So when you are in the e waste recycling business, you can invest the right amount of money on the PCB recycling machine to bring a profitable business for you. Henan Doing Company is professional PCB recycling machine manufacturer,with own professional engineers team and factory manufacturing team.

pcb recycling machinePCB recycling machine

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how profitable the e waste recycling business can be. If you are interested in the e waste recycling business, please take action now.

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