How to invest in copper wire recycling business to get maximum profit?

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As the copper and plastic in waste cable wires can be recycled, more and more people are engaged in copper wire recycling business for high profits, but some recyclers will complain that they are not making money. Also engaged in copper wire recycling business, why is the gap so large? DOING Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. analyzes the reasons for you:

copper wire recycling machine Copper wire recycling machine

The timing of investing in copper wire recycling machine is incorrect:

It may be that the copper wire recycling business started when the copper price was low. At this time, the price of the raw materials is too high, the market price of the produced pure copper is lower than the average price, and the high cost and low profit are one of the main reasons for losing money.

The recovery rate of waste cable wires is low:

Unlike traditional burning of copper, the copper and plastic in waste cable wires can be completely recycled by copper wire recycling machine. Both copper and plastic can be sold on the market, the waste of plastic in the recycling process is avoided.

copper wire recycling machineScrap cable wires and the separated copper & plastic

The purity of copper and plastic produced is low:

Under normal circumstances, the purity of copper and plastic separated by cable separation equipment is 99.9%. It is true that there is no plastic in copper, there is no copper in plastic, and high-purity copper can be sold directly and the price is considerable.

In addition, the limited sales channels or the high price of purchased copper wire recycling machine may also be the reason for the high cost.

According to the above situations, in order to obtain the maximum profit, first of all, the low price of raw materials will reduce the investment to a large extent; Secondly, choosing the appropriate copper wire recycling machine can not only improve the separation rate but also sales a higher price, and can reduce equipment costs.

copper wire recycling machine DOING copper wire recycling machine are loading

To sum up, some people make money and some people lose money because didn't make a appropriate plan. If you want to start a copper wire recycling business but don’t know how to start, or you buy copper wire recycling machine, you can contact us at any time, and our business manager will give reasonable suggestions based on your actual situation.

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