A business plan about how to start a copper wire recycling business

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More and more people learn about the value of copper wire and wanna do the recycle business in recent years, then how to start a copper wire recycling business? Next, we will briefly introduce how to start a copper wire recycling business and hope to help you.


copper wire recycling businessSteps of start a copper wire recycling business

At first, we suggest you do the market survey which the competition of the copper wire recycling business in your local, because it affects the supplier of raw material to ensure your capacity and for you learn about the approximate cost of the business.

Secondly, learning about the different type of raw materials. For example,we could separate the copper plastic wires, aluminum plastic wires and even some telephone wires with iron.The different type of scrap wires decides the percentage of copper and the cost of wires. Such as the cost of car wires is about 3286 dollars/ton in china and the percentage of copper is about 55%-60%. So on the other hand, you need to search the cost of different suppliers to compare. Then it’s better to make a budget range according to the collected messages.


copper wire recycling businessScrap cable wires

Then the copper wire recycle machine is necessary for separating the scarp copper wires, so you need to find some suppliers of machine.There is lots of small factories and trade companies recently because the business is hot sale, so we suggest you choose the suppliers which has their own factory, has lots of sales experiences and the quality is good. Of course, it’s better that you visit the factory to check the machine configuration, test machine and production ability of factory. For instance,we have more than 8 years experiences of recycle business and sold lots of recycle machine to all over the world, especially to India.


copper wire recycling machine Copper wire recycling machine

And the same importance of start a copper wire recycling business is finding some buyers of output products. The output products of copper wires are copper and plastic usually.The copper could be made copper ingot if you wanna expand the business,or just sell to the metal recycle plant directly.The purity of copper by our copper wire recycling machine is about 99.9%, the cost of copper is about 6000dollars/ton in China. And the pure plastic could be used for production and new plastic products- plastic sheet or plastic tube.The cost of plastic is about 570dollars/ton in China.These data for you analysis the long-term profit.

At last, find a place to put the raw material and machine according to the area of machine.Our machine is integrated design, the size isn’t very big. And usually 1-2 workers is enough for operating the copper wire recycle machine because it is automatic, just hire the normal workers is okay.

Above is approximate process of start a copper wire recycling business,we could make a detailed plan if you are interested in the business and confused on how to start it.Welcome your inquiry and visit

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