How much does it cost to start aluminum plastic recycling business?

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The government’s supportive policies and the increasing aluminum price provide a beneficial development space for aluminum plastic recycling business. It's indeed a profitable business with potential for development. Then how much does it cost to start the aluminum and plastic business? Today I will give you a detailed analysis for your reference.

Actually, the cost to start aluminum plastic recycling business is decided by the investment costs for raw materials, aluminum plastic recycling machine, plant lands, plant operation, etc.

aluminum plastic composite materialsRaw materials of aluminum plastic recycling business

The raw material investment cost depends on what kinds of aluminum plastic materials you want to process, such as like aluminum plastic film, aluminum plastic panel and medical blister etc. And the investment cost will vary from the raw material price and amount.

Capacity (Kg/h) Overall Dimension Power (Kw) Weight (Kg) Recovery Rate
200-300kg/h 8500*4500*4200mm 94kw 6800kg ≥99%
300-400kg/h 9500*5000*4200mm 135kw 7600kg
500-600kg/h 11500*6500*4200mm 316kw 12600kg
800-1000kg/h 16000*9000*4200mm 483kw 13500kg

And for the aluminum plastic recycling machine investment cost, it depends on the processing capacity and machine configuration. The higher the processing capacity, the higher the machine configuration, the higher the machine cost. And the aluminum plastic recycling machine cost mainly varies from 6,000USD-15,625USD.

The plant land investment cost depends on the location, area, scale, etc. of the leased or purchased plant land; if you have your own land to build the aluminum plastic recycling plant, then this part of the investment cost can be directly omitted.

cost of aluminum plastic recycling businessCost of aluminum plastic recycling business

The aluminum plastic recycling plant operating investment cost mainly include labor costs and electricity consumption cost. The degree of automation of DOING’s aluminum plastic recycling machine is high and it generally only needs 2 or 3 workers to operate it; and the electricity consumption will also vary from the configuration and processing capacity of the aluminum plastic recycling machine. For specific details, please contact DOING for details.

Although it sees that the one-time investment cost to start aluminum plastic recycling business is relatively high, DOING's aluminum plastic recycling machine can help you get your pay back as soon as possible and maximize your benefits! Our aluminum plastic recycling machine sells well in more than 80 countries and regions due to its high separation rate, stable operation and low energy consumption. If you have interests, feel free to contact us to customize it!

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