What are the steps to start an e-waste recycling plant?

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At present, the e-waste recycling industry is very popular and has become the dark horse of the waste recycling market. Investors have set their sights on setting up e-waste recycling plants to recover metals and non-metals from e-waste and make considerable profits. So what are the steps to start an e-waste recycling plant? Here Doing company lists them and hopes it will be useful to you.

Generally speaking, to start an e-waste recycling plant, you need to go through the following four steps: choosing plant site location, going through the formalities, purchasing e-waste recycling machine, collecting raw materials.

Step 1: Choose plant site location

plant site locationPlant site location

First of all, the location of the e-waste recycling plant must meet the requirements of the local city's overall plan. It is generally located in an industrial park with good transportation, water and electricity conditions. Secondly, the size of the selected plant site must match the scale of production, and the footprint and location of electronic waste recycling machine must be taken into consideration.

Step 2: Go through the formalities

If you want to build an e-waste recycling plant, it is essential to go through the formalities like business license, environmental assessment procedures, safety assessment procedures, and fire-fighting procedures. For specific matters, you can go to the relevant local authorities for detailed information and handle them in accordance with the law.

Step 3: Purchase e-waste recycling machine

e-waste recycling machineE-waste recycling machine

E-waste recycling machine is the core of the e-waste recycling plant. It is not only related to the processing efficiency of e-waste, but also directly related to the metal recovery rate. It is recommended to purchase equipment from professional electronic waste recycling equipment recycling manufacturers, so that they can customize the most suitable equipment for you at a more favorable price according to your processing material characteristics and processing capacity requirements.

Doing Company has provided high-quality recycling equipment to customers in more than 90 countries and regions, and the quality of the equipment is guaranteed.

Step 4: Collect raw materials

raw materials of e-wasteRaw materials of e-waste

You can collect e-waste raw materials from garbage recycling plants in accordance with your processing capacity needs, and carry out long-term cooperation with them to ensure a stable supply of raw materials. Some governments even give certain preferential policies to support the e-waste recycling plant.

The e-waste recycling machine manufactured by Doing company has stable operation, high automation degree, high metal recovery rate and high quality metal products. If you are interested in investing in e-waste recycling plants to get more profits, please contact us! Our engineers will customize e-waste recycling machine of appropriate scale and configuration for you.

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